Switch Health Insurance: eligibility.

A private health insurance ‘switch’ is available to all who currently have a private medical insurance policy. Eligibility will depend on the type of scheme you wish to switch to, and factors such as having had any previous consultations, investigations or treatments previously or having them planned or pending (NHS or Private). Also ever having been treated for, diagnosed with, or advised with serious illnesses such as heart condition, cancer or mental illness.

Why you should consider a health insurance switch 

If you have a policy presently and have held continuous cover over a number of years, or developed conditions and/or claimed whilst being covered, it would be in your best interest to consider switching. Switching may enable you to carry forwards pre-existing conditions on to a new policy.  If you were to proceed on New Business terms; i.e. Moratorium or Full Medical Underwriting, conditions that are currently covered on your existing policy may potentially be excluded from your cover.